PWQ Series
Piano+Woodwind Quintet Series
Piano,Flute,Oboe,Clarinet,Horn and bassoon

Songs from Japan Molto Cantabile ma senza vocefor Piano & Wind Quintet
~We all sing without Words!!~

About this PWQ Series

 To those who are nor familiar with our songs. It was obvious where this little boy was born and grew up. When World War II was over, he was in 4th grade. So this book turned out to be a collection of Japanese melodys including traditional folk songs and those composed after 1868 under the influence of Western music(the functional harmony system), though almost all the melodys were still very pentatonic. This is that little boy's CANTILENAM EANDEM CANIS.
(PWQ-1)Oshogatsu(Traditional,children's) ¥1800 (PWQ-2)Aogueba Tohtoshi ¥1800 (PWQ-3)
Memories of the summer ¥1800
Gondola-no Uta ¥2200
Yuuyake Koyake(Sunset) ¥2400
Hamabe-no-Uta ¥2400
6 Tradirional Japanese Melodys ¥2800
Kono-Michi ¥1800
Furusato ¥1800 (PWQ10)
Aka-tonbo (Tiny red dragons) ¥1800
Karatachi-no Hana
(Trifoliate orange blossom) ¥1800

Haru-no-Ogawa(Childeren's) ¥1800


Takibi(Small bonfire) ¥1800

Three Moons ¥2200

Rain,rain and rain ¥2200

3 Spring Songs ¥2200

Habu-no-Minato(Lonsoe port)

Seyklabeh ¥1800

Lingo-Oiwakeh ¥2500


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